Me And My Big God

I was doing some thinking today. I have an enemy who hates me. I am in an all-out war here, being fought daily on the battlefield of my mind. I feel that I am under assault on a daily basis. If it isn’t one thing it’s another. Yet, somehow, I make it through every day. I know that it is only by the grace of God that I am making it. In His mercy and grace God is giving me the victory day by day. The things that should overwhelm me and take me under simply don’t. Through Jesus I am more than a conqueror in this thing. He is strong in me, especially in my weakness, and is always at work in my life, slaying giants that would otherwise destroy me and delight in doing so. I can thank God and God alone for keeping me alive and well in spite of all that I’ve dealt with over the years.

Satan hates me. That much is a given. He comes at me with lies and deceptions, the tricks of his trade, in order to get me overthinking and second-guessing things in my life. What do they mean by that? How do they really feel about me? Can I trust them at all? These are just a few of the kind of things that I have to take captive and cast down on an ongoing basis. The weapons of my warfare are not of the flesh, but are mighty through God for pulling down the strongholds in my mind that the enemy would build there. Each one is like a stone fortress but in the power of Christ I am able to tear them down. I know that on my own I can do nothing, and I am fully dependent on God for everything. No amount of my efforts can really make a difference in all this. It is a spiritual battle and must be fought spiritually. Nothing short of the Spirit of God is going to help me in this thing.

I also deal with all sorts of other nonsense. I have the government putting thoughts into my head. I have my neighbors listening to my thoughts through the walls. I have cars driving behind me and beaming me with radiation. It is just non-stop weirdness every day for me and it gets a little overwhelming having to deal with it all. However, I am dealing with it. As with everything else in my life, I have given it to God. It is by His mercy and grace that I am able to deal with all this. He has given me peace in knowing that He is in control regardless of what my mind tells me. He is the one who decides what will and will not be allowed to happen to me on any given day and I can trust in Him and His wisdom. I know that whatever God allows is in my best interest, and He is using these things to grow me and strengthen me in my faith. As I go through it all I have to maintain a mindset of thankfulness, knowing that God is bringing me through it in the long run and that everything is going to be okay.

I have many, many things going on in my life. Some are really good while others aren’t so good. However, God is in control of it all. I serve a mighty God, a big God who is sovereign and cannot be stopped in anything that He chooses to do. The enemy that opposes me is a weak and defeated enemy who knows that his days are numbered. As I make my way through each day I am reminded of this, knowing that God has me firmly in hand and will not let me go. There is nothing that Satan can do that God doesn’t allow and God has promised to save me and keep me until the day of redemption. That means Satan is taking a loss. He cannot have me and he cannot win against me. I will continue to look to God and trust in Him and His ways, knowing that He is working it all out for my good according to Scripture. So I continue to forge ahead, fighting the good fight and waiting on the Lord.



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