The Practicality Of God

Everybody has needs. That is a given. We need air to breathe and food to eat. We need clothes to wear and a place to live. Most need a job to work in order to earn money to pay their way in life. We need people in our lives to support us. We need to be loved. All these things, and many more, can be found in God. He truly cares about us and has made abundant provision for all our needs to be met through His Son and will not hold anything good back from His children. It is our job to trust in Him and seek His kingdom and His righteousness and, as Jesus said, all these things would be added to us. God knows what we need and is rich towards those whose faith is in Him.

One aspect of our lives is spiritual. When we think of God we most often think in religious terms, for God is the focus of the Christian religion. It is God who we worship and look to in our lives and God who we call on in our times of need. In our broken spiritual condition, our utmost need is for spiritual regeneration. We are cut off from God because of our sin and need to be reconciled and brought back into a proper relationship with Him, and this is accomplished through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. God has made abundant provision for our spiritual needs by sending His Son to the cross on our behalf, atoning for and taking away our sins and granting us eternal life instead of the destruction that we deserve. He has also sent His Spirit to dwell in us and keep us until the day of redemption, so that in ever way our spiritual needs may be met.

Another aspect of our lives is mental and emotional. We are a thinking people and our minds and emotions have been affected by the fall of man just as everything else has. We are broken in many ways and have need of healing, both in our thinking and in the way we feel. God has taken care of those needs by sending the Holy Spirit who gives us the mind of Christ. This means we have access to God’s way of thinking on a 24/7 basis through His word and the Spirit He has caused to dwell within us. God instructs us mentally and offers us peace and joy to heal our emotional states. God is good to all who call on Him and cares for our every need, including our mental and emotional needs. We are created in God’s image and have the capacity for thoughts and emotions, feeling and sensing our way through this world, and God has made a way for us to have everything we need in this regard.

One other aspect of our lives is physical. We simply cannot live without food and water. We need clothes and shelter. We need many things and God is aware of them all. God has commanded His people to love one another in such a way that the world would instantly identify us as His followers. We are to be set apart by our love, and this is to be a practical love, not just a wishy washy emotion. John writes in 1 John 3:16-18 that we should not love in words only, but in actions and truth. God has ordained that anybody who sees another in need should meet that need and, in this way, nobody will be lacking in any way. God has established a practical way of meeting our needs, as the early church was known for. Everybody shared what they had and nobody laid claim to anything as belonging to them alone. For those who practice the true love of Christ, this means meeting others’ needs and having our own met in our everyday lives.

God is very practical and knows that we have many needs in our lives. He is not just sitting off in heaven somewhere beyond our reach, but has drawn close to each of us through His Son and by the Holy Spirit, holding out His hand to His people and meeting our every need in life. Whether spiritual, emotional or physical, God has made a way for us to have everything we need and can be trusted to do just that. Let us look to Him today and seek after the kingdom and His righteousness, knowing without a doubt that He has made provision for all that we will need and will never let us down. For God has loved us with an everlasting love and holds nothing good back from those who love Him.

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