Keeping Watch

In Matthew 25:1-13 Jesus tells a parable about ten virgins waiting on a bridegroom to arrive for a wedding feast. These virgins have their lamps and five of them brought extra oil with them in jars to fuel those lamps. The bridegroom is a long time in coming and the virgins become drowsy and fall asleep, but at midnight the cry rings out that the bridegroom is coming. The five unprepared virgins ask the other five to share some of their oil with them, to which they reply no, because there won’t be enough for them all. So when the unprepared virgins go away to buy oil, the bridegroom arrives and the five virgins go in to the wedding feast. Later the, five others arrive and seek to enter, only to be refused and left outside in the darkness.

Jesus told this parable and ended it with a warning to keep watch, because we do not know at what hour His return may be. This is a very important principle in the life of the believer. Scripture reveals to us that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night, totally out of the blue and unexpected. Many people will be caught off guard by this coming and will not be prepared. Jesus said no one knew the hour or day when He would return, and therefore we need to be always ready and watching. As the world goes on and gets more and more sinful each day, I have to wonder at how much longer the Lord will tarry. Jesus gave some signs of the times in which He will come back and many of them have been fulfilled. We are clearly living in the last days and should be on our guard, ready at all times to see the Lord at His glorious coming.

What kind of people, then, should we be, knowing that the Lord could return at any moment? What kind of lives should we be living? What is it that the Lord will find us doing when He arrives to gather His bride to Himself? These are questions that must be asked and answered, as they are critical to how we will be found on that day. Jesus taught many parables and instructed His disciples in the kind of lives they should be living. God calls us to a life of faith expressing itself in love, a life of putting our beliefs into actions. There are countless ways this plays out in a believer’s life each day and not everybody’s situation is the same. The one thing that is the same is the call to be ready. We should be doing the things that we wish for Christ to find us doing when He returns, for we do not know when that hour will come. Will we be found ready and waiting, or carelessly wasting our time alongside the world?

In my life I pray that I would be found faithful and anxiously awaiting the Lord’s return. It is the thing I look forward to the most, knowing that the day will come when He will rescue me from this present world and all its sin and darkness. I will no longer be limited by schizoaffective disorder and will get to see the Lord face to face, beholding His glory as it is for the first time. I will enter into the kingdom where I will live with Christ for all eternity, leaving behind all the things of this world that I struggled with for so long. And I will never have to experience any more death or sickness or hardship or anything like that, for it will have no part in the kingdom of God. So I anxiously watch for the hour of the Lord’s return and seek to be doing His will when He arrives.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Watch

  1. A pastor I had years ago had a way of neutralizing heated debates in the church with wisdom. Some church members were sure Jesus would be coming again within months and he replied, “We’ve been living in the end times since Jesus ascended into heaven. The point is to be ready at all times.”

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