What The Enemy Meant For Evil, God Uses For Good

I was praying this morning and as I went through my mental list of people in my life, I started to pray for a friend of mine. I found myself led to pray for him in a slightly different way than I usually do, this time asking God to show him how his problems and hardships can glorify the Lord. I prayed that the things that the enemy has wrought in his life and meant for his destruction would work out for the glory of God. Satan has many plans for all of us and is at work, trying desperately to pull down the people of God and His church, always on the lookout for a way to overcome us. He is described as a roaring lion prowling around and looking for an opportunity to devour us. But in Christ we are kept safe and are overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and our testimony.

In my life, I realized I should be praying the same thing. I ask God to show me how to use the things in my life- the hardships and troubles, the things Satan has attempted to do in my life- for His glory. I attribute all sin and, therefore, all the death and destruction in the world, to the enemy of our souls, the devil who stalks us day and night. I know that because of his temptation in the garden of Eden sin came into the world and he is on a mission to steal, kill and destroy everything that God has made. That is most true of Christ’s people. We are hated because of the love that God has shown us and Satan is hard at work trying to outwit us and lead us into sin against God, but we must stand firm on the word of God and our faith, resisting the enemy and patiently waiting for our ultimate deliverance when Christ comes.

The things I deal with in my daily life, the schizoaffective disorder that has so completely affected me, I see as an opportunity to glorify God. I don’t see it so much as a disability as a specific, tailor-made opportunity for me to understand and reach out to a people that God has called me to reach, an under-served population among His people who are struggling in the shadows and need the help and compassion of the church at large. I pray that God will use me and my situation with the schizoaffective disorder in whatever way He will, whether it be blogging or whatever else He would lead me to. I know that whatever God allows in my life has a purpose and that the enemy is never a step ahead of God. If the Lord has allowed me to have this disorder, there is a reason for it and I pray that it would serve as a platform for me to launch into ministry for God’s glory.

As I move forward in life, I trust in Christ who saved me. I know that I will not always understand what is going on around me and I am okay with that. I will not always have the answers I feel like I need and I will have to rely on God in faith. But I also know that God is in charge and is never surprised by anything the enemy does. He is never caught off guard. So I will pray that God would use the hardships in my life and the lives of all believers as opportunities for us to grow and shine as candles in the darkness of the lives of those around us, those who struggle and don’t have the hope that is in Christ. I pray that I would have the wisdom and understanding to walk in the faith I have been called to. And I hope that by my example someone would be encouraged to come to Christ and to grow in that faith as they live out all the days of their lives.

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