Living In The Holy Spirit

Jesus came into the world and lived among the people for thirty-three years. He was Immanuel, “God with us”, as prophesied by Isaiah in the Old Testament. Jesus is the word made flesh, God in human form, and lived a fully human life here among us. He performed miracles on a daily basis and taught the truths of the kingdom of God everywhere He went. While He was here, He protected and cared for His disciples who followed Him everywhere He went. His was a grassroots ministry, walking from place to place and reaching the common people right where they were. Jesus was a healer and a teacher, the light of the world, the only Son of God.

In one of the last conversations Jesus had with His disciples before He was taken away to be crucified, He revealed to them that He would be sending another Counselor to them, also known as the Comforter. When He said “another”, He used a word that indicates another of the same type, someone who would be like Him. He promised that this Counselor would be the Spirit of Truth and lead us into all truth, comforting us and reminding us of the words that Jesus spoke. He would empower us to be witnesses of Him throughout the world and would be with us forever. This Counselor could not come until Jesus had finished His mission, died and resurrected, ascending back to the Father in heaven. When He came to the disciples, it changed their lives forever.

Today, the Holy Spirit is still at work in the church 2,000 years later. He is the one who calls us into ministry and equips us with the gifts we need to carry out whatever we are called to do in the body of Christ. It is the Holy Spirit who comforts us in our hard times and gets us through everything we deal with. It is the Holy Spirit who steers us through our lives and teaches us truth as we come to the Scriptures. Everything that the Holy Spirit does is to point to and glorify Jesus. Every born-again believer has the Holy Spirit and is sealed until the day of redemption, the Spirit acting as the down payment of the salvation yet to be experienced when Jesus takes us home. In everything we do as believers, the Holy Spirit is working in our lives and we must rely on Him in all things.

As a Christian, I am blessed to have access to the Holy Spirit. As a man with schizoaffective disorder, He is the one who gets me through all my hardships. As I cry out to God and ask for His help with my various trials and tribulations, I am comforted by the Holy Spirit and led into the peace of God that passes all understanding. It is the Holy Spirit who dwells within me and leads me and guides me. It is the Holy Spirit who draws me to the word of God and teaches me the truth of the Scriptures. It is the Holy Spirit who reminds me that I am saved and that I am in the Father’s hands where nothing can ever snatch me away. I depend on the Holy Spirit for everything and without Him I would truly be on my own, lost in a crazy world that doesn’t care about me at all. So I have learned to rely on Him and live in His presence, which is the best place I could ever be.

As believers in Christ, we are temples of the Holy Spirit. That means that God Himself has chosen to dwell in us. As we go through our days, let us be aware of this fact and allow Him to use us as He will, leading and guiding us in all that we do. For anyone struggling with whatever hardship life throws at you, know that you are not alone. The Holy Spirit within you is strong enough and will empower you to make it through everything that you have to go through. The Holy Spirit is the real and true presence of God in our lives and will never leave or forsake us. We can rely on Him, for He is faithful. He is God, just as the Father and the Son are God, and is at work in every believer’s life today. I pray that we would all learn to live in Him and follow His leading in all that we do, allowing Him to guide us into truth and use us as He will, for that is God’s will for us today.

8 thoughts on “Living In The Holy Spirit

  1. Where do you get it from that Jesus would be “God in human form”? The God Who does not tell lies is very clear about who Jesus is. He Himself declared Jesus to be His only begotten beloved son.

    You as a man with schizoaffective disorder, might find it perhaps normal to have a split personality, but God nor Jesus are schizophrenic. As such Jesus did not pray to himself or did not ask himself why he would have abandoned himself. You should know a person can not abandon himself. A man can not be two or three at once. When there is a malfunction in the brain than the person himself can do certain things, afterwards not being aware of having done those; But Jesus knew very well what he did and how he could do those things. When he put his own mind aside to do the will of God, it was him consciously trying to do the Will of God.

    The Hoiy Spirit is also not an other aspect of a Trinity, in which you seem to believe. The Spirit of God is God His acting, speaking, thinking His Being. God is a Spirit no man can see. Jesus on the other hand was seen by many and tempted more than once (remember that God cannot be tempted). Man can do nothing to God and God can not die, but Jesus was really bullied tortured and killed by man.

    Jesus is the way to God and is now sitting at God’s Right Hand as God’s High-priest and acting as the mediator between God and man.


    1. John 1:1 clearly states that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. This word became flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus is revealed in Scripture as being fully human but also having the divine nature of God. As for the Holy Spirit, He is referred to in Acts:3-4 as being God, for lying to Him is lying to God. I can see that you clearly do not believe in the concept of the Trinity but it is a biblical concept. My schizoaffective disorder has nothing to do with what is laid out in Scripture and has been believed on for 2,000 years now.


      1. You seem to miss that John 1:1 speaks about a word and The Word: which is a result of speaking and not as such a person.

        It refers to the Speaking of God by which the Old World came into being and now John referring to the New world also having come into being by the Speaking of God, the promise made in the Garden of Eden having become a reality by Jesus having come into the flesh, i.e. born about two millennia ago.

        The spirit of God is God Himself, God not being a human being but an eternal invisible Spirit Being. The Spirit is the acting, thinking, speaking and being itself.

        The Trinity is a human doctrine introduced in the 4th century and real followers of Christ not holding on to it. Non-trinitarians worship the same God of Jesus Christ, Who is the God of Abraham and Who is not a liar, so when He declared Jesus to be His only begotten beloved son He did tell the truth. If Jesus would be God, than naturally He would not have told the truth. The same as Jesus when he said he can not do anything without his heavenly Father, Who is greater than him, in case Jesus would be God, Jesus also would be a liar, certainly when he said he did not know when the end times would come or who would be seated next to him in the Kingdom of God, because when he would be God he would have known that, because God is an all-knowing Spirit Being. Or do you not believe God is an eternal Being (which means having no beginning and no end, no birth and no death)?


      2. Okay, man. I get that you disagree. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I see that one of us is wrong and I pray that God will make the truth clear to us. Thanks.


      3. I shall pray to that God shall call us and give us insight and that more people shall come to see that Jesus is the way to God.

        That the Elohim Hashem Jehovah may bless you.


      4. John does not say Jesus is God.
        “In a beginning was the Word, and the Word was with the God, and a god was the Word.” (Emphatic Diaglott – interlineary side)


      5. Yah Chanan (#Jo 1:1-3): In the beginning the Word having been and the Word having been unto God and God having been the Word he having been, in the beginning, unto God all through his hand became: and without him not even one being whatever became. (Aramaic New Covenant; ANCJ Released: 1996 Contents: New Testament Source Used: Exegeses Bibles (1996)Location: Tyndale House, Cambridge, United Kingdom)


      6. Christ was not literally the Word. He was the word “made flesh”. (#Jo 1:14). The Greek word “logos” translated “Word” expresses the divine intention, mind, or purpose.1 Young defines “logos” as “a word, speech, matter, reason.”2 In the a.v. “logos” is translated by more than 20 different English words and is used for utterances of men (e.g., #Jo 17:20) as well as those of God (#Jo 5:38).


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