Wholeness In Christ

Salvation is all about wholeness. Christ died to reconcile us to God, thus making us whole. He came to atone for our sins and bridge the gap between us and the Father. In so doing, He has made a way for us to be healed and made whole in a myriad of ways. We are all broken people and in need of being put back together. Some deal with addiction. God can fix that. Some deal with mental illness. God can fix that. No matter what we deal with in this world, the saving grace of God that is poured out in Jesus Christ can make a way for us where there is no way. No matter what problems we have, there is hope for us in Christ.

I often speak of my brokenness. I am, indeed, a broken man. I have mental issues. I have physical issues. I have spiritual issues. I am, of all people, in need of saving. I need saving from my sin, the world, my situation and my own mind state. I by no means have it all together and I have to rely on the Lord daily for His mercy and grace. He is constantly picking me up and setting me back on my feet after I fall, again and again showing me just how merciful and loving He truly is. I am what some people call “a hot mess”. Even on my best day I still fail to measure up to God’s standard and am in need of help, and I always find it in Christ. God is taking my brokenness and making me whole one day at a time.

Having a mental illness, I struggle with a lot of things. My reality is always questionable and I cannot always trust what I perceive to be true. I have been told in the past that what I am thinking isn’t necessarily real. Therefore, I need a rock-solid foundation of truth in my life, something that never changes and is always true regardless of what I perceive in the world. God fills that need. I come to Him with my broken mind, He puts me back together and sends me on my way time and time again. The things that bother me and cause me stress are nothing to Him and He gives me peace in the midst of my storms. I have learned that His will is for me to be whole, and I come to Him for that wholeness. And He never lets me down.

When Jesus was about to die on the cross, He said “It is finished”. At that moment, the atonement for our sins had been fully made and we are now completely reconciled to God by our faith in Christ. All who believe have been made whole. We no longer have to go through life as sinners, estranged from God, but our relationship has been restored to the state it was in when God fist created man in the garden of Eden. Our walk with God is whole and it is God’s desire to make us whole in all areas of our life. Whether in our relationships, our finances, our mental health, whatever we may need, God’s will for us is that we experience wholeness as part of His atonement. That does not mean that life will always be easy or look the way we want it to, but God is working in each of our lives for our good.

Today, know first that God loves you. We are all broken in many ways and God desires to make us whole. He starts with our sin, forgiving them when we exercise our faith in what He has done on the cross through His Son. As we walk with Him, He goes on to bring wholeness to the rest of our lives, slowly and gradually over time as we grow in Him. There is no area of our lives that God is not interested in and He has good plans for all of His children. We can trust in Him with everything we have, knowing that His ways are higher than ours and His plans for us are better than anything we could dream of. This is not a promise of riches and leisure, as life may still be hard, but of healing and salvation. The blessings of God begin now and stretch out into all eternity. All we have to do is trust in Him and have faith in His Son, and He will work it all out in our life. Know that God has a plan for you today to make you whole. Open your heart to Him and He will come in and change you forever.


6 thoughts on “Wholeness In Christ

  1. Hi Kevin, this is the first time I have viewed your blog and the first post of your’s that I have read and I want to tell you that I obviously don’t know the issues that you deal with but with the logic and reality that you expounded on, it would be a privilege to have you in my corner any day. Beautiful and moving post. Grace and blessings my friend. Think I will be following your blog.

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    1. Thanks Bruce! I appreciate your kind words and the fact that you took time to read and comment. I hope that you continue to be blessed as you follow my blog and I humbly thank you for your support. Be blessed, brother!


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